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I found your article today. Of course, there were some correct points and you discussed without strong emotional standpoints. This is the case for both sides at the moment. The people are during a war against a terrorist, anti-Semitic, Islamist, anti-women and homophobic, anti-human horror regime. this war justified any harshness towards opponents. And this is not an Iranian problem. The same reaction is known in France. yougoslavia after the 2 world wars against collaborators and who were suspected as such. As a German-Iranian, I also experienced the same pattern of behavior even in the 90s after the fall of the Berlin Wall and liberation from the Eastern Bloc, even in highly cultivated Germany and Eastern Europe. by the way. I consider myself an educated and cultured academic who has always voted for the progressives, but I have something of a sadistic satisfaction in seeing people who show any sort of half sympathy or understanding for mullahs get attacked. Even though I know deep in my heart that most of them are actually not that bad. This unfortunately shows the extent of the tragedy , suffering and bitterness of us Iranians after 44 years of IR.

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